A few portraits

Ciao a tutti! In questo post pubblicherò alcuni dei ritratti che mi hanno tenuta occupata ultimamente…sono stata sommersa dal lavoro e ora vi mostrerò i disegni! A presto!   WP_20140318_022   WP_20140409_015 (1)   InstagramCapture_c37c1844-27c0-430e-bdfa-3e10bdf0ce00_jpg   WP_20140408_004 (1)   WP_20140408_011 (1)   InstagramCapture_a39eec10-e473-4434-a3a8-90777f409e89_jpg   WP_20140416_009           InstagramCapture_8d53ac37-e05a-49ee-8857-45d32772e52a_jpg   Hi everybody! This is the post in which I want to publish the portraits that kept me busy during the last few days… I’ve been working so much this month…so it’s time to show you my drawings! Do you like them? Kisses


23 thoughts on “A few portraits

  1. Giada, sono davvero bellissimi!! Complimenti!! 🙂

    Frenzi and the city

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